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What is

DevSecOps, Shifting Security Left inDevOps.

DataOps in DevSecOps, Shifting Security Left in DevOps refers to the application of DataOps principles and practices to the security aspect of DevOps processes. This involves integrating security processes into the entire software development lifecycle, from development to production, rather than just testing for security at the end.


Advantages of

DevSecOps, Shifting Security LeftinDevOps

  • Improved security: By integrating security processes throughout the software development lifecycle, DevSecOps helps to identify and remediate security issues earlier in the process, reducing the likelihood of security breaches.
  • Faster time-to-market: By automating security processes and integrating them with DevOps processes, DevSecOps helps to speed up the development process, reducing the time it takes to release software systems.
  • Better collaboration: By providing a shared pipeline for managing security and DevOps processes, DevSecOps encourages collaboration between security and development teams.
  • Greater efficiency: By automating security processes and integrating them with DevOps processes, DevSecOps helps to reduce the amount of manual effort required, freeing up teams to focus on more valuable activities.

Future of

DevSecOps, Shifting Security LeftinDevOps.

As software systems become more complex and critical to businesses, the need for security will continue to grow. DevSecOps provides a way to manage the complexity of modern software systems while ensuring that they remain secure and compliant.

Who'll Learn

DevSecOps, Shifting Security Left.

DataOps in DevSecOps is a specialized area of DevOps that requires knowledge of security principles, DevOps principles, and DataOps principles and practices. Security engineers, DevOps engineers, DataOps professionals, and other security and DevOps professionals can learn DataOps in DevSecOps. To learn DataOps in DevSecOps, you need to have a good understanding of security principles, including threat modeling, vulnerability scanning, and security testing, as well as DevOps principles and practices, including continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment. You can learn DataOps in DevSecOps through various training programs, certifications, and online resources. It's also important to have a mindset that values collaboration, communication, and continuous improvement.

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